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The Story of Coach’s Oats

Lynn and Bonnie Rogers invented Coach’s Oats in their home kitchen in 1992. Lynn was the women’s gymnastics coach at California State University-Fullerton, where he was known by most as “Coach.” Bonnie worked as a graphic designer.

That winter, they decided to make a special holiday breakfast for their friends. Coach and Bonnie loved steel cut oatmeal, but it took too long to cook, and rolled oats turned mushy and pasty. So they did what Coach always taught his athletes to do: They went back to basics.

Coach and Bonnie experimented with different ways of grinding, sifting and cooking whole oats called groats. After a lot of hard work, they tried something new. They put the oats into the oven before grinding them and… magic! The oatmeal was textured, nutty and flavorful. It didn’t become soggy or pasty, and it took only a few minutes to cook.

The Rogers’ family and friends loved the oatmeal, which quickly earned the nickname Coach’s Oats, and before long, Coach and Bonnie were grinding oats all weekend just to fill their friends’ orders. One of those admiring friends introduced the oats to a representative from Roman Meal Milling Company, and in 1995 Coach patented their oatmeal and Roman Meal began milling Coach’s Oats.

Since those unassuming beginnings, Coach’s Oats has become available in stores in more than half of the United States, in selected international locations, and is served in many restaurants in California. Coach and Bonnie also have created Coach’s Oats Cookies, Coach’s Oats Multigrain Pancake Mix and other products.

In other words, the story of Coach’s Oats is simple: Oatmeal has been reinvented.



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