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Bonnie Rogers was running her own business as an illustrator and graphic designer when she and her husband Lynn, better known as 'Coach,' invented a new whole grain breakfast food. Their efforts to eat more healthful and natural foods led to toasting and grinding their own oats for friends, and ultimately to the best oatmeal they had ever tasted: Coach’s Oats.

Foods such as Coach’s Oats help Bonnie to stay healthy to meet all the demands of being a full time mom who helps run a growing business. On any given day, Bonnie might teach a local cycling fitness class, swim 4,000 yards training for an upcoming Masters swimming competition, chauffeur her boys to and from practices, and help her husband run a food company.

Working with Coach to run Coach’s Oats has helped Bonnie in the same ways that eating Coach’s Oats has helped others - to lead a healthy lifestyle, accomplish her goals, and be there for her kids when they need her, now and in the future.


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